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but yeah, i think she might've just lowkey had a boyfriend or two over all these years.

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Harry had a huge smile plastered on his face and was shrugging at the camera, and Chelsea was wearing a pair of blue bikini bottoms emblazoned with Harry’s name.Chelsea revealed that she and the One Direction star were hanging out with mutual pal James Corden, and host Caroline Flack.Executive Producer, Eddie Schmidt, seen in background.Thankfully, our newest app, Chelsea Handler: Gotta Go, is your one-way ticket to freedom from life's sticky moments.Whether it's a tense evening with the in-laws or a dinner date gone sour, life contains some painfully awkward moments: You pick intently at your plate, hoping for something - anything - to break the thick fog of silence that has settled over the room.

According to , she posted a very cheeky Instagram snapshot of herself posing with Harry Styles.

“They seemed to think nothing of the commotion they caused by plonking themselves together side by side in such an intimate setting,” a source told The Sun.

“They were on a bed as people rushed around them and they were being pretty flirty.” PHOTOS: Headed For Heartbreak?

Remember when reporter Andrew Goldman from flat-out asked Whitney Cummings “how accurate” jokes were that she’d slept her way to the top? Neither is “Tosh.0,” “The Late Show,” “The Soup,” or any other show fronted by a funny dude.

You’re allowed to think Chelsea Handler is not funny.