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Database updating view

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I'm not sure if the angular code is idiomatic..I've tested that this works. // ------------------------------------------------------------- // Timer Ctrl // ------------------------------------------------------------- function Timer Ctrl($scope, Current Time) Timer Ctrl.$inject = ['$scope', 'Current Time']; According to the "Discover Meteor" book, Angular watches/scopes are similar to Meteor's computations regarding reactivity...

but Angular is client-only and gives less-granular control than Meteor.

My impression is that using Angular might be a better fit for adding reactivity to an existing app, whereas Meteor soars when you use it for the whole thing.

The acronym CRUD refers to all of the major functions that are implemented in relational database applications.

A user might be able to query the view, but not the underlying table.

Creating the view excluding the sensitive columns (or rows) should be useful in this scenario.

If your query takes a long time to run, a materialized view should act as a cache.

This is pretty effective in the data warehousing case, where the underlying data is only updated periodically like every day. The second advantage of views is that you can assign a different set of permissions to the view.