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The initial season of use/maximum life label clearly shows a helmet’s year of manufacture, as well as its maximum lifespan, so athletes, coaches and parents can easily determine when to replace their equipment.

A new policy from the National Athletic Equipment Reconditioners Association (NAERA) states any football helmet 10 years and older will no longer be eligible for reconditioning and recertification.

This new label will be affixed to the back of every new Riddell helmet and any helmet reconditioned at a Riddell facility.

“It is important for schools to know the age of their helmets and recondition them each year to best protect athletes,” said Dan Arment, president of Riddell Sports.

CHICAGO – January 4, 2012 –Riddell announced today it will be the first manufacturer to provide users with an easy-to-read, initial season of use/maximum life label.

The label will be affixed to the exterior of its helmets as part of Riddell’s commitment to designing and manufacturing football helmets and equipment to provide athletes with the highest level of protection possible.

And then you have the stuff in the middle: the inner EPS (“Expanded Polystyrene Foam”) liner. In most cases, EPS liners are composed of multiple pieces, while companies like Arai prefer to use a one-piece unit.

Should I replace my unused lid and buy a new one, or can I save money and feel safe with what I have?

In both cases the straps are stitched to the loops.

The use of clasps is postwar.2) all shells with the rim that has the seam in front have been produced during WW2, from April 1941 to November 1944, either fixed or swivel bails.

Q: I own two Shoei RF-1000 helmets that I bought in March of 2008.

One of them matched my bike, so I wore it exclusively.