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Online christain dating site

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Like the old saying -YOU CANNOT GIVE WHAT YOU DON' T HAVE.

It's only Out of your Abundance that you dish out to others.

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In fact, it's one of the pitfalls of Christian dating - they are quite hard to find!

This is the reason so many of Australia's Christians are heading online to find like-minded singles.

In the words of Jenell Paris, social anthropologist at Messiah College; 'Christians should look online for dates because that's where the people are!

Unfortunately the odds aren't in your favour; the census of 2011 found that 61% of Australians identify as Christian, but that only 1 in 7 of these actually attended Church on a monthly basis.

When you do the maths, what this really means is that the ‘pool’ of potential partners for christian singles in Australians is just 8% of the population - it's no wonder it's so hard to find a match!