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can you please explain wat you meant with 'concrete implementation' did you mean that we have to next write the definition for the methods by implementing the interface to a class.. whenever we need a service from the database, we create an object of a DAO use it for database operations and then get rid of the DAO once we get what we want from the database. and may i know the Scope of this DAO concept rami??

Validating wireless connection

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The manual settings described below will allow you to configure your wireless device to securely connect to the eduroam wireless network. Wireless encryption The wireless Network Authentication type is WPA2 Enterprise . The "EAP Authentication Type" or "Outer Authentication Protocol" is PEAP or PEAPv0.Not all the following options may be available for all wireless devices . The "Authentication Method", "Authentication Protocol" or "Inner Authentication Protocol" is MS - CHAPv2 . Your eduroam password will be the password you use for your Microsoft Office365 mail or ("edu ") for faculty and staff . If asked for an "Outer Identity", "Anonymous Identity" or "Roaming Identity", leave it blank. If asked for an "Outer Identity", "Anonymous Identity" or "Roaming Identity", leave it blank. You should choose to Validate the Server Certificate . Click on view Server Certificate to confirm the identity of the certificate 11.

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Sometimes your computer may not recognize the connection.Some computer and hardware manufactures come with their own utility to configure the wireless network that replaces the Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service.If so, you must use the software provided to configure the network.It is recommended that you use the auto configuration wizard to configure your wireless device.If the auto configuration wizard does not work or you chose to configure your device yourself the following guide and certificates are provided to assist you in configuring your wireless device. Make sure Validate server certificate is selected then click on configure 6.