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To the right of me two other volunteers were attracting a crowd by filling a johnny with water and shouting ‘No man’s government is too big for a condom.’ In front stood a collection of perplexed villagers, all of them moving their eyes between the water bomb condom and my awkward stance.
At its core is Shemuscle, the iconic muscle and fitness site which has been shooting the hottest competitive, professional and amateur bodybuilders, athletes, fitness and figure competitors in sexy video action since 2004.

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Mongoose owners and former owners throughout the world who want information about their Vintage Mongoose bikes.It is a place where you can get technical information about parts, interviews, racers, company history and even a few restoration tips.It all looked so wholesome that it almost makes you want to barf, right? To be fair, not everything was all peachy keen as it seemed–hey, all young people rebel, even in the ’50s and ’60s, you’ve seen –but there were definitely way more conservative approaches to dating now than there are now. Here are eight vintage dating tips that will definitely make you go WTF.Most of these guidelines were written up in advice books geared towards teens. makes this explicitly clear: "Don’t offend his eardrums by humming in his ear when dancing." The book doesn't say a thing about a boy's humming habits, however.Let's imagine how that worked out in real life: "Wow, I really want to make out with you tonight, Johnny, but I should resist the urge so do you mind if I invite my brother on our date to keep things G-rated? states, "If you are a gal who uses frank, men's locker room language—DON'T on this first date. Compliment him on his physical prowess, his mental acumen, his good looks, his virility. It's not like they're a kid anymore, they're an adult. I guess a second date could warrant a kiss on the cheek but, oh, that might have been a bit too sexy.

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Well, our couples on Your Face Or Mine – arriving on Comedy Central on Wednesday 17th May – have managed to navigate their way to actually having a boyfriend or girlfriend, though if hosts Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan have anything to do with it they might find themselves single soon enough.

And a special note to you, spammers; we officially declare you a major DON' T.

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