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Essentially, the ‘project’ was to write articles for his blog and then to share them to all his social media accounts.

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Adam Carl and Jason Hervey were in Monster Squad too.Adam played Mason, Alyssa Milano's friend in 'Who's The Boss'. Jason played the older brother Wayne in 'The Wonder Years'."You start to look at life a little differently when you get to your mid-40s," Warner, 45, said in a recent interview."I'm at a place where I've kind of taken a hiatus from love and relationships and the whole dating thing and some of that is reflected on the record." In this Oct.BC’s debut album Coolin’ at the Playground Ya Know! The album’s two biggest singles were the first and second singles: “Iesha” and “Playground”. Secondly, tell me you don’t fall out when one of them little birdchested crumbsnatchers tells ole girl “Don’t even try it. Hatch Harrison had a traffic accident with his car.

Never too much by Luther Vandross is one such song.Recently, Duncan Regehr, the notorious Dracula character, sold off most of his costume pieces used in the film for very low prices. Currently, Regehr resides as an artist and does acting on television from time to time. He had other large roles in Patton, Blind Date, Jason and the Argonauts and minor roles in Thunderball, Lawerance of Arabia, Battle of Britian, among many others.The Actor, Jack Gwillim, who played Van Helsing also played Posideon ("Release the Kraken! Anyway, the interesting thing about him and part of the reason he usually played either Military Officers or ecentric characters like Van Helsing and Posideon, was that he joined the Royal Navy at the age of 17, became a Commander in the Royal Navy for twenty years (served in WWII) before he became an actor and was a member of the Royal Shakespeare company in Stratford, England for three years during Sir 'Anthony Quayle's stint as artistic director, he was then a member of the Old Vic Company for a further 3 years.And finally the day of the first show arrived, Saturday the 5th of January 2013, and to say I’m hyped is putting it mildly.I start nice and early tweeting about the new show dropping the names of some of the artists I will be playing and generally spreading the word about the show.He plays the role of Lazlo Hollyfeld, a genius whom lives in the closet and beneath the dorm room of Val Kilmer in the film.