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Of all repugnant, unjustifiable prejudices, homophobia has always puzzled me the most: Why would you possibly care who someone else wants to sleep with?

But something about Cissy—a woman whose beliefs remain rooted firmly in the church in which she and Whitney both began their careers—and her lack of embarrassment, her sense of rectitude about what surely she guessed would be, at the very least, an unpopular opinion, felt familiar to me.

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On a personal level, I’ve thought about the passage of time and how I lost my innocence roughly at the same time Whitney must have and at the same place: Arista Records.

Cissy can’t speak to whether or not things were romantic between them; in her book, she alludes to some unnamed “experimenting” that may have occurred within the bounds of their friendship.

But would it bother her if Whitney were gay, Oprah asks, with an encouraging smile. You can practically hear the screech as she slams on the brakes.

Her at times ugly diva attitude was forever shot through with a humility, which made her audience feel she was singing not just to them, but for them.

Even in her grandiosity she remained a voice from the populous, and conversely though she was one of the world's most successful entertainers, there remained an almost operatic air of tragedy about Whitney, culminating in her untimely death.