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), Black tells the story of a grim reaper cast off from heaven played by Song Seung Heon who possess the body of a police detective, and together with a reporter played by Go Ara who can see death they work together to save lives against the heavenly orders.

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Alfred Emanuel "Al" Smith (December 30, 1873 – October 4, 1944) was an American politician who was elected Governor of New York four times and was the Democratic U. The son of an Irish-American mother and a Civil War veteran father, he was raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan near the Brooklyn Bridge, where he resided for his entire life.

Smith was the foremost urban leader of the Efficiency Movement in the United States and was noted for achieving a wide range of reforms as governor in the 1920s.

Mr Trump began his 2016 campaign with the promise to deport undocumented immigrants who he labeled as rapists and criminals.

While controversial, that promise to be tough on America’s borders seemed to resonate with bas Republican voters concerned about national security and American job security that is said to be threatened by foreign nationals coming into the country and willing to work for cheaper wages.

In 2007 he became New York State's attorney general, working alongside former Governor Eliot Spitzer.

Cuomo is the son of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo and the older brother of news anchor Chris Cuomo.

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Andrew Cuomo’s pardon regards a 1990 conviction for attempting to sell a controlled substance. That conviction had been of interest to US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, which has been tasked by Donald Trump’s administration to deport as many undocumented immigrants as possible.

Like many other New York politicians of his era, he was also linked to the notorious Tammany Hall political machine that controlled New York City's politics, although he remained personally untarnished by corruption.

Smith was a strong opponent of Prohibition, which he did not think could be enforced, and viewed it as an over-extension of the government's constitutional power.

The island is accessed by ferries from Brooklyn and Manhattan.

The Native Americans of the Manhattan region referred to the island as Paggank ("nut island"), likely after the island's plentiful hickory, oak, and chestnut trees; the Dutch explorer Adriaen Block called it Noten Eylant, a translation, and this was borrowed into English as Nutten Island.